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Paying for a Nursing Home - How to avoid it.

Paying for a nursing home is a major expense. Some of the better homes can cost upwards of $60,000 per year. That's more than most of us make each year (especially after Uncle Sam takes his cut). I offer this advice - delay going into a nursing home or assisted living facility as long as you possibly can.

If you need to, please research everything you can about the nursing home you are considering. But consider this - if you could buy a few devices for $9000 that would keep you out of the nursing home for 6 months, you more than paid for those devices.

If getting up from a seated position is an issue for you, you have three major areas that cause you the most problems - getting up from watching TV or reading, getting out of bed in the morning, bathing, and getting off the toilet.

There are lift devices that have been around for many years that can solve most of these problems.

There are motorized lift chairs that are very comfortable for reading and watching TV. When you you need to get up, they raise you to an almost standing position. When you go to sit down, it gently lowers you to a seated position from a standing position. Lift chairs cost about $1000, but in terms of paying for a nursing home, it's only a week or two.

There are adjustable beds that have motorized reclining mechanisms for getting you to a seated position so you can get out of bed. When you go to sleep, you don't have to lay down by yourself, the bed lowers you to a sleeping position from seated position. Adjustable beds cost anywhere from $1000 to $4000, but in terms of paying for a nursing home, that's about one month or less.

There are bath lifts and walk-in bath tubs for your bathing needs. The bath lift raises up to the height of your bath tub wall, you sit on the bath lift and it lowers you to the floor of the tub. When you're finished, the motorized chair raises you slowly to the height of your tub wall again. If the bath lift chair isn't enough, then the walk-in bathtub is the next choice. The side of the tub opens up like a door so you can step in the tub by only lifting your foot a few inches to step in. The more popular models have seats built into the tub. You sit down on the built in chair, close the door, then fill-up the tub with water. After draining the tub, you simply open the door and step out. Of course these tubs come with grab bars and shower wands so you can take a complete bath in safety. Bath lifts cost about $700, which is less than a week of paying for a nursing home. Walk-in tubs range from $1500 to $5000 - again about a month of paying for a nursing home.

There are toilet lifts that lower you from a standing position onto the commode, then raise you back to a standing position when you've finished your business. Toilet lifts cost about $500-$1000, which is about a week of paying for a nursing home.

If your issue requires more than a few simple devices to get you through your day, consider a senior day care provider. There are many wonderful services providers that can help you. They are in the business of saving you from going to the nursing home. is a great place to search for a senior in-home care service. They pre-screen all their providers, so you can avoid making a serious mistake by hiring an undesirable in-home care service. I would advise you to check-out anyone that comes to your home. If you can't find a good online background check service, try your local police department, or a private investigator. They may offer some sort of criminal back-ground check service. The cost of a senior in-home service depends on how often they come by and other factors. The cost varies dramatically, but it always less than paying for a nursing home.

If you're afraid of falling in your home, then consider a medical alarm monitor. If there's an issue or emergency, just press the button on a pendant that you carry with you around the house.The system will then call an emergency center that will assess the nature of the emergency and immediately contact the proper emergency team as well as any other neighbors or relatives that you want them to contact. A medical alarm costs about $30 per month. That's a fraction of the what you would pay for a nursing home.

I hope this at least gives you some options to consider. If you're a senior thinking of moving into an assisted living or nursing home, just make sure you understand all the options first. Moving to a nursing home is a tough decision. Make sure you think of your safety first. If any of the ideas I mentioned above appeal to you, do your own research. There are a few links on this website that I have to help you learn more. Take advantage of the research I've put together, then I encourage you to do you own research.

For more of my thoughts on paying for a nursing home, read my article Paying for a Nursing Home.

If you don't have Long Term Health Insurance, Click Here to learn more.

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